Thursday, 23 June 2016

Website Progress

Well, I've really enjoyed my time learning the basics of HTML 5.  This is the 3rd iteration of the site now, first in Wordpress which was quickly discarded for reasons I'll go into shortly. Second was a fresh bare-bones html version which was too bloated with design elements and fancy graphics which looked great, but not user friendly having to do a lot of recoding just to make a blog post. And now, here is mkIII.

So Wordpress. Nothing wrong with it, a great base with a lot of features. Originally I was really into search engine optimisation and to an extent I still am, and this is where wordpress really shines. But a little too much. Out of the box it’s decent and with all the addons you can get and there are several that are recommended, but once these are installed something strange happens.

It runs slower.

At least that was my experience twice now. I’ve spend weeks scouring the internet on ways to squeeze 1% out of the performance and bloody google site speed test really can make you pull your hair out. That’s when I threw Wordpress in the bin for now and embraced a pure very basic HTML version that is catered to just my needs. The site is around 70% done with just a few things to do, and I’#ve gone for a (hopefully) visitor friendly navigation.

It won’t be breaking any records in the google site score for now but I’m not overly concerned at this point in time and will look at it later on.


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