Thursday, 12 January 2017

Procedural Planet Test

Testing out a planet made by following the amazing Space VFX from Gleb Alexandrov and Aidy Burrows. Early days yet but so far very happy with the immediate results.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Space Battle Practice

New project practice!

Space battle scene work to see if I can do it for Odessa 10-4. Early days yet but some basic shapes and rigging.

Monday, 21 November 2016

New site up!

New site is up, I have t he tutorials to do which are left unfinished for now. If I waited until they were all done then the site wouldn't be up for a very long time :s

I'd appreciate any feedback for issues and such .


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

New site in the works....again

I'm currently working on a new website in HTML5. The current one was only ever a temporary fix and if you notice, half the pages don't work and its not responsive whatsoever. So I've had my pen and paper out drawing designs and finally come up with one I like.

Watch this space...

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Spaceship engine size comparison.

And just for kicks, here's a size comparison, although I am thinking of making the difference even more extreme...

Spacehip engine size comparison

Spaceship progress - Engines modeled and fitted

More progress on the engines which have been placed correctly now. It's actually the second time in two days I've modeled these. The first time around I realized I didn't have enough geometry in them to look smooth enough and with no realistic way to add the extra lines to smooth it out I had to basically re-do them. A case of trying too much to optimize the mesh. Subsurf was also out of the question because of all the greebles in the engine housing; the geometry would have been insane.

Rear view of spaceship engines
I like big butt's and I cannot lie...

I'm not settled on the colours yet, they are for the most part, just a placeholder. I do however want to keep the orange as I want the ship (last of its kind) to stand out from the rest. I'll grunge it up when in the texturing phase to make it look like it's drifted through a big pile of space poo....

Spaceship engine model
Horsepower...Space horsepower...
I messed around with compositing to add some glare and glow but It looked horrible and I need to find out how to do it properly before I post a picture. I notice that a fair few space animations don't use much glow for the thrusters so I'm not planning to go overboard but these are supposed to be some immensely powerful boosters and I need to get that across somehow.

More updates to come....

Friday, 30 September 2016

Main Odessa 10-4 spaceship progress (Blender modeling)

A while back I made a model spaceship called "Fat Betty" for the Odessa 10-4 Project I'm involved in. Progress was great and I learned a lot in the progress, mainly about texturing and lighting. Here's a brief video of what I had....

Notice how I said had.....

I was on Linux at the time and wanted to duel boot so I could have windows and Linux on the same computer.....yeah, didn't work out so good. I lost the model and all the assets above which all in all was about 2 weeks of work down the toilet.

But It might not be as bad as I thought. I'm currently re-doing the model and with all I've learned from before I've made it slightly different with more thought put into scale!
There was an article from Neil Blevins about how to make things look huge and I'm going to be putting that to good use. Basically by have 3 different size layers you can trick the viewer into perceiving the smaller objects in relation to the largest thus giving the size impression. I think it will work more effectively if I can somehow show the size of a human, maybe by putting an airlock here and there.

So It's still very early and I've only just started again, zipping from segment to segment with no definitive final end look in mind I'm liking what I have so far. Keep in mind it's very early on and I have all the textures to do. Talking about textures, I'm going to be using more of them and as many 8k's as I can comfortably fit on it. Half will be procedural and the big chunks will be hand painted or a mixture.

It's a project I am looking forward to push forward and there is lots to do!

Old Betty Model
Old Betty Model

New Betty
New Betty Model

Spaceship Close Up
Closer look at the smaller objects