Friday, 30 September 2016

Main Odessa 10-4 spaceship progress (Blender modeling)

A while back I made a model spaceship called "Fat Betty" for the Odessa 10-4 Project I'm involved in. Progress was great and I learned a lot in the progress, mainly about texturing and lighting. Here's a brief video of what I had....

Notice how I said had.....

I was on Linux at the time and wanted to duel boot so I could have windows and Linux on the same computer.....yeah, didn't work out so good. I lost the model and all the assets above which all in all was about 2 weeks of work down the toilet.

But It might not be as bad as I thought. I'm currently re-doing the model and with all I've learned from before I've made it slightly different with more thought put into scale!
There was an article from Neil Blevins about how to make things look huge and I'm going to be putting that to good use. Basically by have 3 different size layers you can trick the viewer into perceiving the smaller objects in relation to the largest thus giving the size impression. I think it will work more effectively if I can somehow show the size of a human, maybe by putting an airlock here and there.

So It's still very early and I've only just started again, zipping from segment to segment with no definitive final end look in mind I'm liking what I have so far. Keep in mind it's very early on and I have all the textures to do. Talking about textures, I'm going to be using more of them and as many 8k's as I can comfortably fit on it. Half will be procedural and the big chunks will be hand painted or a mixture.

It's a project I am looking forward to push forward and there is lots to do!

Old Betty Model
Old Betty Model

New Betty
New Betty Model

Spaceship Close Up
Closer look at the smaller objects

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